Planed route to India

As of today I’m officially unemployed. After working for almost 8 and a half years in different positions and departments for my former employer I decided that it is time to move on and try something new. Something that I enjoy and I was dreaming and thinking of for the last decade. However it took me quite a long time and sadly some eye opening moments in the past year, to get my ass finally kicked.

Everybody knows that type of excuses that cause you not to actually do - nor to realize, the things you want to do.

Throughout the last couple of years I got to know a lot of strangers throughout this wonderful website called CouchSurfing. I surfed a few couches and hosted a way more of these people at my apartment in Villach. There where truly some gatherings that where mind-blowing and eye opening to myself. The hundreds of hours you spent time with a complete stranger discussing various topics that bothers you at the same moment caused a lot of thinking and rethinking of what I learned in the past… It opened my eyes for new things and stuff that I wouldn’t have thought or done without these inspiring people I met.

To give a few examples what triggered my decisions…

There was Marcus a young traveler from Kuala-Lumpur from whom I learned that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do what you’d like to do. Marcus was one of the first persons that told me about hitchhiking and how it is working. Soon after his stay I tried it by my own for the first time an hitched my first 200km from Villach to Graz. Needless to say that I was hooked on this way of travel since than. Thank you Marcus.

Another example was my first guest on CouchSurfing, Karol. He is a cyclist from Slovakia that stayed at my place back in March, 2013. He told my about his plans to cycle the world for three years and that he’s given up nearly everything and sold a lot of his stuff. Back than he was on the road for about three months, thought. And as of writing this blog post he still is on the road. Cycling through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South- and North America - over 50.000 km by bike! Incredible! Visit his website to read more about his interesting project. Thank you Karol.

UPDATE (Sep 18, 2016): He is at home! Congratulations!

Of course there are much more stories to tell and I enjoyed learning about other cultures without leaving my home. Cooking a meal together, maybe even learning a new recipe or just hanging out, drinking a beer or tee and having a great time.

On this blog I’m going to publish from time to time my thoughts and stories that happen on the road as it was requested by many of my friends and family.

So what is the plan so far?

The Plan is to hitchhike to India all the way down from Villach, Austria starting in September 2016. The raw route is going through the Balkan states near the cost down to Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and finally India.